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Automated Bitcoin Trading

Automated Bitcoin Trading


Automated Bitcoin Trading

Imagine you can make money in several ways, but all in one place, this place is called Trade Coin Club.

She is paying at around 0,50-3% a day on the investment in the platform, and I’ll explain why Trading of Bitcoins is wonderful.

In addition to being extremely well rewarded DAILY payment on the Trading, we also gained from the appreciation of Bitcoin.


Look this:

Bitcoin Chart

Since last year, bitcoin has gone from the $568 mark to the incredible current value of $2544, accurate 290.42% in valuation in just one year.


Why did I choose the Trade Coin Club?

Firstly I chose the trade coin club, for being a serious and registered company. Its trading robot and orders originate from a prestigious brokerage firm, Trade by Trade, so everything that happens inside the platform is real. And that reassures me.


The second reason is how I get paid. Within the Trade Coin Club, its associated investors receive their profit in the form of Bitcoin, this allows me to have more and more bitcoins. And the best thing is that every gain is passed on daily, every day I have bitcoins coming into my account. And I can take them out anytime and in 24h the money is in my wallet bitcoin.


And last but not least. Everything is done AUTOMATICALLY. Even though I have no knowledge about Bitcoin or about trading I still go earn money. I do not need to move a finger.


Inside the trade coin club


Back Office

Back Office Trade Coin Club


This is the first sight, when we entered the trade coin club. Here’s an overview of what’s happening in our account. How much we have deposited, how much we earn, how long we are associated, and how much time we have to contract.


As we can see in these 134 days as an associate of this wonderful club. I had a total gain of 5.86 Bitcoins ($14846.2 today). And I still have another 124 days left to earn even more.


Financial Extract

Financial Extract Trade Coin Club


Financial Extract Trade Coin Club - Value


These are the values ​​that come into my account every day. I made a point of highlighting only the earning values ​​of trading.


01/07/2017 – Daily Receipt Trade – 0.03543285 = 0,70%

04/07/2017 – Daily Receipt Trade – 0.03780547 = 0,75%

05/07/2017 – Daily Receipt Trade – 0.02984586 = 0,59%

06/07/2017 – Daily Receipt Trade – 0.03544228 = 0,70%

07/07/2017 – Daily Receipt Trade – 0.03689326 = 0,73%

08/07/2017 – Daily Receipt Trade – 0.03470551 = 0,69%


Okay, those were my gains in the last 6 days and their % corresponding to my invested capital. In total, 0.21 bitcoins($537,7) were added in 6 days, not bad right?




Trade Coin Club Robot



And this is my little friend who makes me win lots of bitcoins. As you can see, it works automatically, the only thing I have to do is choose the level of risk that it will operate.

  • Low risk
  • Medium risk
  • High risk


All 134 days, I put high risk.


Do I get a chance to lose money?

Absolutely not. The trade coin club operates more than 30 crypto-coins other than bitcoin. Even though bitcoin operations are not as good, we have another 30 coin to win. And even though everything on the wrong day you have a guaranteed gain of 0.35% on the day. That’s right, on the day that everything goes wrong you will still win your bitcoins.


How to become Member of Trade Coin Club

First step you need buy the software for only 0.05 BITCOINS, and enjoy all the tools that our software has. Second your system start running from 0.01 BITCOIN! You have an opportunity to trade with more than 30 types of cryptocoins daily, in semi-automatic mode without running the risk of losing all your coins because you have our famous STOP LOSS button.


Trade Coin Club Package

You can start make your dreams true with just 0.01 BITCOIN! and be part of this billionaire industry of Cryptocurrency!


You can click here to register: Become a Member of Trade Coin Club


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